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Selection of Temperature Measuring Components for Mass Concrete Construction and Temperature and Strain Testing

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First, the selection of temperature measuring components should meet the following requirements:

1. The temperature measurement error of the temperature measuring component should not exceed 0.3 ¡ãC (at 25 ¡ãC environment);

2, the test range: -30 ~ 150 ¡ã C;

3. The insulation resistance should be greater than 500M¦¸;

2. Installation and protection of temperature and strain test components shall comply with the following provisions:

1. Before the test components are installed, they must be soaked for 24 hours under water for 1 hour without damage;

2. The mounting position of the test component connector should be accurate, the fixing should be firm, and it should be insulated from the structural steel bars and the metal body of the fixed frame;

3. The lead wires of the test components should be arranged in a centralized manner and should be protected;

4. The test components should be protected around. During the concrete pouring process, the test temperature measuring components and their lead wires should not be directly impacted during the blanking; when vibrating, the vibrator should not touch the temperature measuring components and the lead wires.

The above contents are compiled according to the problems encountered by the students in the actual work, for reference, if there is any problem, please communicate and correct in time.